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1. Input: Micro USB/DC 5V/2A
2. Output: DC5V 2.1A/1A
3. Built-in battery capacities: 3.7V/20000mAh 74wh
4. Battery Type: Li-polymer battery
5. Fully Charge: 8-14 hours
6. Working Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
7. Standby times: >5000hrs
8. Cycle life of charging: 500 times (1 time = from 0% to 100%)
9. Net Weight: 420g
10. Size: 163*76*21mm

1.This is Full Performance Powerbank, where it can charge up to 9-10x for iphone and 5-6x for ordinary android phone battery.
2. New series black / white LED display.
3. Dual USB output.
4. Use lithium polymer battery make power bank thinnest.
5. Compatible for any phone, tablet, MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS, game device, camera and many more (just connect with your USB cable).
6. LED display (display battery percentage, in / out charging status).
7. Intelligent voltage recognition chip automatically detects the voltage.
8. Built in battery protection IC to prevent over charging, over discharging and short circuit.

Box Include:
1x Power bank
1x Micro USB Cable
1x User manual
1x Official PINENG pouch bag (FREE)

* 1 year warranty only provide for the power bank sold by company (CASE TO WEAR)
* All PINENG power bank have warranty sticker. Please dont remove the warranty sticker.
* We recognize our power bank and the warranty date by warranty sticker. No warranty card or online register are required.

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